About Us

The Institute for political and International Studies (IPIS) is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit, think-tank organization.It has been created by a group of intellectuals and analysts with extensive experience in foreign policy, and policy-making issues, who are gathered around the idea of democracy, solidarity, globalization, European integration, political and international studies and regional cooperation.

The long term objectives of the Institute are to work on balanced socio-economic development, capacity building and trainings, active citizen engagement and participative political culture. In these directions, we focus our activities on rule of law, evidence based policy research, good governance and multiethnic and multicultural co-existence.

We believe that human capital is a key precondition for positive social change. Hence we eagerly undertake capacity building projects based on said skills and knowledge transfer.

Finally, ISPS’s growth is directly linked to availability of resources for self-reflection. In this sense, we advocate policy recommendations and strive to enrich public discourse through promotion of evidence based policy, publishing public events,diligent team work and individual productivity, and working closely with other national and international research institutions.


Vision of Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS)


IPIS envisioned future is to become the biggest most influential Balkan think-tank offering sound analysis as well as advice and influencing policy agenda of Macedonia and the Southeast European region in various format. Also, we envision offering an abundance of research resources (databases, books, articles, papers, Internet based resources and other logistical support) to individual researchers, professionals, journalist, students,  civil society organizations and interested parties. No important national or regional policy issues will be discussed without IPIS experts taking part in the debate offering analysis on said issue.

IPIS will be sought out, as a provider of policy advice, by governments, civil society organizations and private companies. We believe that IPIS’s research work, carried on with patience and persistence, will bring new life to public policy; good governance will be advanced, knowledge increased, and human life improved. We will be respected and admired by our peers and academics. Our analyses and policy solutions will be actively sought by governments and companies.

The best up-and-coming people in the academic world will seek to cooperate with our think tank. We feel that IPIS will contribute to society in positive way.